When Flies Strike, published in 2017

They invade.  They feed.  They kill.  They breed…

Residents of Fulbarton adore its idyllic setting and small-town charm.  Nothing ever happens to disturb their equilibrium. That is, until an inexplicable death cloaked in a shroud of dead flies shakes them to their core.

Detective Inspector Baylem and Detective Sergeant McCardle are assigned to investigate an unexplained death. The circumstances are unusual, but not alarming enough to cause concern… until the body count begins to rise and alarming similarities about the crime scenes lead them to believe they’re up against someone… or something far more dangerous than a serial killer.

As word of the troubling findings begins to circulate, panic sets in.  With the media and residents clamoring for answers, the detectives struggle to alleviate their fears and make sense of the dark force that is bent on destroying anyone or anything that gets in its way.

Do the seasoned detectives have what it takes to fend off another attack or has the fate of the remaining townspeople – and the rest of the world – already been sealed?

When Flies Strike is a bone-chilling horror story that fans of dark psychological suspense and adrenaline-rushing mysteries will love.

​Release date 3 July 2018
ISBN: 978-0-9934167-2-9

The eBook is available to order now from Amazon here priced at £2.99 (UK).  Or in the USA $2.99 click here.

Also available in paperback priced £8.99 from all good book stores.

Book 3 in The Girl in the Mirror

The Whisper of Persia (Book 3 of The Girl in the Mirror)

He destroyed her life.  Now, she’ll destroy his deadly plans.
Sophie had been right with her assertions not to trust Dominic Schilling.  After all, he had killed her mother.  Now, he had taken the sons of GYGES for himself; ninety kids with the same genetic enhancements as her own; strength, intelligence, endurance, longevity and the ability to become invisible.   This could never be a good thing. 
When she learns her father is dead, suffocated by a rogue CIA operative, her already spinning world spirals out of control. Determined to find answers and exact revenge, she travels to Cuba to find the elusive murderer.  Whilst there, a cryptic message from beyond the grave sends her in another direction and straight into a waiting contingent of CIA and FBI agents, armed and alerted to her presence.
If escaping that wasn’t hard enough… across the pond on an island north-west of Scotland, Dominic plots to use the sons of GYGES for nefarious means, hatching a plan that will isolate Sophie from interfering with his schemes, whilst at the same time getting him the prize he so wanted: the Whisper of Persia diamond.
Can Sophie prevent the inevitable or will all of her efforts be for nothing?
The Whisper of Persia is the pulse-racing conclusion to The Girl in the Mirror trilogy.

​Release date 29th November 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9934167-2-9

The eBook is available to order now from Amazon here priced at £3.99 (UK).  Or in the USA $3.99 click here.

Also available in paperback priced £10.99 from all good book stores.

Book 2 in The Girl in the Mirror

The Sons of Gyges, Book Two in The Girl in the Mirror trilogy.

She needed answers…  But what could she believe?  Could she trust anyone?

With her mother murdered and her traitor father taken by the CIA, could things possibly get any worse for Sophie Jennings?
Sophie struggles to make sense of it all.  In her quest for the truth she travels to America in search of her bio-geneticist father responsible for the genetically enhanced DNA that has given her super-human abilities.
Wanting an explanation for recent tragic events and a cure for her invisibility, Sophie finds herself in Washington DC.  With the help of the British Secret Intelligence Service and her own unique deadly skills Sophie uncovers a terrible truth.
Plunged into the middle of a battle involving the US Military, Sophie is faced with a task that threatens both her morality and sanity − should she save her father or save thousands of lives? 
The Sons of Gyges is the explosive, action-centric second novel in The Girl in the Mirror series.

Release date 29th March 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9934167-1-2

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Book 1 in my best selling series

The Girl in the Mirror, the first in a new series of action / adventure Young Adult books by Philip J Gould.

Abduction. Theft. Murder. Betrayal.

Created as a prototype for a soldier of the future, sixteen-year-old Sophie Jennings possesses abilities like no other. With exceptional strength, intelligence, endurance, longevity and the ability to become invisible, she is a force to be reckoned with, but many will try.

Her father, a bio-geneticist with a murky past, has ties to a corporation whose motives are questionable. His unease with their intentions, prompts him to run, taking Sophie with him.

Their journey unleashes a malicious chain of events that will pin Sophie up against a sadistic and equally powerful opponent and force her into a position to utilise every skill necessary to outwit and outrun her pursuers.

Fight or flight? Hide or seek?

For Sophie, the decision is simple. 

Unbeknownst to her, taking out two armed men will only be the beginning of what she’ll face during the next forty-eight hours.

Will Sophie, inexperienced and untested, prove to be their worst enemy?

The Girl in the Mirror is a gripping action adventure that twists and turns, and twists some more.  Like Sophie Jennings, you won’t see the end coming…

Release date: 27 October 2015.
ISBN:  978-0-9934167-0-5

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My first book, published in 2004

This incredible tome is the result of many years of research that has culminated in a crazy compendium of incredible and unusual feats. With thousands of records, from pulling airplanes and barges to lying on a bed of nails, typing backwards, or being the fastest-running waiter in the world, there really is a challenge for everyone.